Monday, December 29

A note from the Zoo Crew

Merry Christmas (okay, a little belated!) to you from the Zoo Crew!! (and Angie, too!)
Christmas to bottom: Bill (the hubby!), Patrick, Matthew, Katie, Ben & Abbey.

Sunday, December 14

And a couple current pix of us - my husband George and our son Andrew at family camp in September...and one of me and the boy at VBS in June. :)

Welcome back - long time no posts

seems those of us here also connected on Facebook - others have not. Obviously i can't be the only one that blogs here or it will stay empty! ;)

Looking forward to any old memories, old photos, current updates and current photos anyone wants to add here.


God bless,


Thursday, February 28

Prayer for Jon Fairbrother

Please pray for Jon's safety and health over the next ten weeks.
He's in Army Ranger School, very dangerous and demanding, predominanty
out in the woods, mountains and swamps of the SE US, little sleep,
little food. Pray that he make it through, without being "recycled"
through any phases. If that happens, I'll be in the U.S. for his
graduation in May.


Friday, December 21

Other new(er) photos of some of us

Robert, Jennifer and Ian Schmitt (2005)
Connie and Don Zappone and their daughters in Dec 2006
Teri Vrooman (far left sitting) New years 2007